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ABT Form | Tuina
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Tuina a method of Chinese bodywork characterized by the smooth gliding or rolling movements of the hands and arms. Through Tui (push) and na (grasp), kneading, pressing, rolling, shaking, and stretching of the body, acupoints are opened and qi flow is realigned in the musculo-tendon meridians. Tuina techniques are used to treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal and internal organ disorders by opening stagnant meridian channels and encouraging the flow of qi into deficient areas. Tuina utilizes Chinese Medicine theory in assessing energetic and functional disorders. In addition, the use of external herbal medicines and therapeutic exercise is also included.

Tuina Five Criteria

Provided by Bill Helm in December 2004

  1. Hand technique proficiency. The person must demonstrate proficiency in
    the application of Tuina hand techniques appropriate to their style of Tuina
    (i.e., if rolling method is used then it must be demonstrated)
  2. TCM theoretical understanding. The person must demonstrate an under
    standing of TCM theory and its relevance for Tuina applications. This
    would include the AOBTA ABT level of requirements and the specialized
    applications relevant to their style of Tuina.
  3. Western anatomical understanding and knowledge. The person must
    demonstrate knowledge of western anatomy and how it is used in the
    application of Tuina hand techniques for therapeutic purposes.
  4. Acupoint and channel locations and functions. The person must
    demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the locations and functions
    of the required AOBTA acupoints and channels and any additional
    acupoints and channels used in their specific style of Tuina.
  5. Assessment and treatment skills. The person must demonstrate a
    knowledge and understanding of appropriate assessment and treatment
    skills for their specific style of Tuina. This would include the ability to apply
    the main assessment methods of TCM (tongue, pulse, palpation, and
    questioning) and a basic knowledge of western kinesthetic methods.

Tuina Five Criteria PDF

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