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ABT Form | Shiatsu Anma Therapy
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Shiatsu Anma Therapy

...utilizes a unique blending of two of the most popular Asian bodywork forms practiced in Japan. Dr. Kaneko introduces traditional Anma Therapy® based on the energetic systems of Traditional Chinese Medicine in long form and contemporary pressure therapy which is based on neuro-musculoskeletal system in short form. Ampuku, abdominal bodywork therapy, is another foundation in his school.

Shiatsu Anma Therapy Long Definition

DoAnn Kaneko’s original style of “Long Form” is the founder for traditional therapeutic Anma Massage. Inherited his parents gift for healing arts, Kr. Kaneko has developed the Kata called Traditional “Long Form”. This style of treatment (lasting for 1 hour), introduces the basic techniques of Anma - soothing, kneading, pressing, shaking, vibrating, exercised and tapping in 3 postures. Contemporary “Short Form” (30 minutes) shows the basic techniques of pressing and kyosei (manipulation and correction) in the same 3 postures. Dr. Kaneko’s “Short Form” would be used in order to improve the skeletal system and various internal organs system through nerve reflex, while the traditional “Long Form” will improve the energetic system and circulatory system.

Dr. Kaneko’s form is founded on the traditional Chinese Medicine (T.C.M.) theory based profoundly in the practice of Specific Anma (An - pressing, Ma - soothing). Through four (4) Oriental evaluation methods, Anma therapy utilizes 8 principles of Yin and Yang, excess and deficiency, exterior and interior, hot and cold. Thus advanced, professional practitioners can prescribe the specific vital points to treat in an accurate modalities of tonification and sedation for balancing energy according to T.C.M. Pulse reading and Fukusin (abdominal evaluation) are also incorporated. 


Shiatsu Anma Therapy Five Criteria

Provided by Tsuneo Kaneko in January 2005

1. To understand the Long form for Beginners

a. One hour whole body sequences in 3 postures (prone, supine and sitting posture)

b. With the 10 major techniques over the 100 major pressure points

2. To understand the Short Form for beginners

a. Half hour whole body sequence in 3 postures (prone, supine, and sitting posture)

b. With the 3 major techniques over the 100 major pressure points

3. To understand side posture and sequence

a. 90 minutes for each side over the 12 Major meridians in the extremities

b. Head and neck with the 4 major techniques

4. To understand Anpuku therapy and abdominal anma therapy based on Shinsai Ota’s principle utilizing the major meridians and vital points in the chest & abdomen

5. To understand the self-healing art (DoAnn’s doin) based on Taoism. To be able to show 6 meditation and breathing techniques, baduanjin, and Chi Qong, abdominal anma massage and prayers. 

Shiatsu Anma Therapy Five Criteria PDF

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