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Maintaining Health During Challenging Times


We all have important work to do... caring for loved ones, making a living, enjoying our lives, serving a meaningful purpose. We can do that best and most effectively when we care for ourselves first.

Stress can easily hijack our focus. Let's commit to making time each day to shift our focus on finding balance and building health. 


Enjoy these self-care resources and please share those practices and strategies you find helpful!


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Qi Gong for a Healthy Immune System. Contributed by Brian Skow.

Calm COVID Fear, Anxiety, and Stress: Strengthen Immune System | A 22-minute video exploring how to manage stress and negativity - including a guided meditation.

Self-care Habits to Benefit Your Immune System  |  an MMIP article with helpful information about immune-boosting strategies.

How Your Immune System is Affected by Lifestyle  |  video with Dr. Leonard Calabrese at the Cleveland Clinic




Qigong Routine to Strengthen the Lungs  |  a wonderful video by Peter Deadman

The Transformative Power of Slow Breathing  |  a video by Peter Deadman using Qigong to cultivate lung health.

Slow Deep Breathing  |  a video by Peter Deadman teaching a breathing practice to build lung health.




NBC News article on TCM practices for self-care during the pandemic.



Caring for Yourself and Others During the Pandemic: Managing Healthcare Workers' Stress. A resource from Acupuncturists Without Borders. Contributed by Brian Skow.

Grounding In Times of Crisis  |  Exercises to calm and center yourself in critical situations. Contributed by Diego Sanchez.

Resilience in Changing Times  |  A free video to help you navigate the coming days with mindfulness, compassion, and presence. From Sounds True

Calming Points Handout  |  A handout showing acupoints that can calm anxiety and ground us. Contributed by Deborah Overholt

A Sample of Self-Acupressure: Jin Shin Do® Bodymind Acupressure®
for Neck and Shoulders
.  |  Contributed by Deborah Valentine Smith



The Stepping Vessels Movement Exercise for Self Care. YouTube video by Suzanne Yeats. Contributed by Brian Skow  |  A Qigong video practice for spring.  |  A Qigong video practice for summer.  |  A Qigong video practice for Winter

Makko Ho Stretches  |  Video. In Spanish, but can be followed along with easily. Contributed by Diego Sanchez

Makko Ho Stetches  | Video contributed by Christian Goldberg




A Meditation for Grounding During COVID-19. A YouTube video by Suzanne Yates. Contributed by Brian Skow

Free Daily Online Meditation  |  Offered by the Mindfulness Association

MUSIC & SOUND | Meta Music's YouTube channel | Insight Timer: a site and app for sleep, anxiety, and stress. | 6 Healing Sounds with Mantak Chia (YouTube)


SELF-CARE COLLECTIONS  |  Grand Master Nan Lu's website offers a variety of self-care videos.

Take a look and sign up  |  Sounds True is offering a free collection of self-care material.

Qigong Video Collection of Peter Deadman  |  a wonderful collection of Qigong videos focusing on lung care and cultivating health.

Mindfulness Association Collection  |  Mindfulness videos and courses




The Wellness Community Gallery  |  Enjoy this inspirational and humorous collection!


Grocery Shopping Tips for COVID-19 Era. A video with tips for shopping safely. Contributed by Brian Skow.

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