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Retired Membership
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Retired Membership

Welcome to AOBTA®


Retired membership in AOBTA® is an option for any professional level member (Certified Practitioner, Registered Instructor, or Certified Instructor) who is no longer in practice.

  • Retired membership is a voting, non-professional level of membership.
  • Retired members may restore their professional level of membership at any time.

Annual membership dues are $25.00

How to Apply
Step 1

Read the following information about Retired Membership:

If you are an AOBTA® professional member that no longer has a practice, you can apply for Retired Membership. The application is quick and easy, your annual dues are reduced to $25, you remain connected to your professional community, and you continue to have voting rights in the organization.

If you decide to return to practice, you can return to your former professional-level of membership at any time.

Deciding if Retired Membership is right for you...

  • By becoming a Retired Member, you are stating that you are no longer in practice.
  • You will no longer receive a professional-level membership certificate and will no longer be identified as a professional member by the organization.
  • You no longer have permission to use your AOBTA® professional credential (e.g., AOBTA®-CP)
  • You will no longer be listed in the Professional Directory on the AOBTA® website.
Step 2

Transitioning to Retired Membership can happen at the time of your annual membership renewal. If you wish to transition to Retired Membership, please attempt to complete and submit the form at the bottom of this page prior to paying your annual dues. Or use the following pdf version: Retired Membership Application

After you complete these steps...

.. your Retired Membership application form will be reviewed by the AOBTA® staff to assess your eligibility for Retired membership.

If granted Retired Membership, your member profile will be adjusted accordingly. At that point, your annual dues will be adjusted to $25.00 and you can renew your membership by paying that amount.

Complete the following fields and remember to click "submit". 

You will be notified when this form as been reviewed and when you are able to renew your membership as a Retired Member.

By submitting this Retired Membership Form, I acknowledge that I am no longer in practice as an Asian Bodywork Therapist and am willing to relinquish my professional membership in AOBTA®, my listing in the professional directory, and my receipt of a professional-level membership certificate. I pledge to not promote or identify myself as an AOBTA® professional member in any manner.

I am aware that I am able to reinstate my former professional membership level at any time.

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