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Registered Instructor Membership
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Registered Instructor Membership

Welcome to AOBTA®


Registered Instructor (RI) membership in AOBTA® is awarded to those applicants who have successfully completed the requirements outlined in the Registered Instructor Application Packet.

A Registered Instructor member is a professional, voting member of the Organization.


  • must first be an AOBTA® Certified Practitioner
  • has completed at least three (3) years of active professional ABT practice
  • has at least 150 hours teaching experience of ABT/OM (may include Teaching Assisting) over a minimum of a two year period
  • is able to teach in fluent English, and exhibits a high degree of knowledge and understanding of the subject matter that he/she teaches
  • has had an AOBTA® Certified Instructor observe and evaluate him/her teaching a class
  • and their application has passed a formal review by the Registered Instructor Committee

Annual membership dues are $150.

AOBTA® Registered Instructors have the privilege of using the 
widely recognized and respected AOBTA®-RI credential after their name.

How to Apply
Step 1

Read the AOBTA® Code of Ethics | Every member is required read and agree to the Code of Ethics when applying for membership.

Step 2

Download and carefully review the Registered Instructor Application Packet. Gather supporting documentation and make arrangements for a CI evaluation and letters of recommendation. 

Step 3

Instruct those who are evaluating you and those providing letters of recommendation to submit their documents directly to AOBTA®. Complete your sections of the application packet and submit as instructed.

After You Complete These Steps...

... your application packet will be submitted to the Registered Instructor Committee to assess your eligibility for RI membership. The Registered Instructor Committee is comprised of AOBTA® instructors that are volunteering their time. Review may take up to 2 months and additional information or documentation may be requested at any time during the review.

Upon the committee's approval, the AOBTA® staff will make every effort to finalize your membership within a timely manner.

You will be contacted once your application has been approved and your RI membership certificate will be mailed to you.

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Suite #3, Box 260
Glen Mills, PA 19342



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