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Lauren Paap




(Term ends 7/1/19)

 Resume | Letter of Intent

After stepping into the role of AOBTA® President seventeen months ago I am now seeking to be officially elected.

During my time on the board, I have worked diligently to serve and protect the AOBTA® and its members. While my tenure has been relatively short in contrast to many of my colleagues, I am actively learning AOBTA®’s history, governance and operations while working with the board to enhance our ability to successfully fulfill our tasks.

For the past six months I have dedicated significant time and energy towards protecting our members in the absence of a Legislative Director. I have leveraged this additional responsibility to connect with members and community partners.The many challenges we have faced during this time have enhanced my understanding of our profession’s struggles and possibilities.

I am dedicated to lifting up our profession, and with it our members. Asian Bodywork Therapy (ABT) is a beautiful healing modality, a meditative dance of sorts offering both client and practitioner the chance to heal body, emotions, mind, and spirit. We are a diverse group of practitioners linked though a rich history and steeped in an array of eastern healing traditions.

Well known throughout the world, in North America we are considered an esoteric alternative therapy. My vision is to make ABT a household name, a profession both sought out as a viable career and healing option.

By taking an active interest in our individual and shared success, we all benefit. While that will take time, I believe we can do this by tapping into the collective and creative Qi of our membership and community partners.

I enjoy working with and through others, utilizing the skills and abilities of our community leaders and allies to advance our goals. Real and perceived barriers are just well disguised opportunities to reevaluate and modify treatment strategies to move through stagnation, drain excess or tonify deficiency to further develop and enhance our success and satisfaction!

Over the course of my career I have developed a great appreciation for the skills needed to productively synthesize the goals and objectives of an organization along with the motivations, needs and expectations of staff, volunteers, board members and community partners to ensure the organization’s success.

As my resume indicates, in addition to being an AOBTA® Certified Asian Bodywork Therapist, I have worked in organizations with a strong sense of social responsibility for more than 20 years.

391 Wilmington Pike
Suite #3, Box 260
Glen Mills, PA 19342





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