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ABT Form | Nuad Bo 'Rarn
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Nuad Bo "Rarn (Traditional Thai Bodywork) the traditional Thai medical bodywork form. Thai bodywork is based upon an integration of Indian Buddhist medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Thai bodywork utilizes hand techniques and a unique approach to passive movement and stretching in order to open up the veins or energy passages and release chronic tension from the body. Nuad Bo 'Rarn incorporates a spiritual dimension in its gentle and focused approach to ABT.

Nuad Bo 'Rarn Traditional Thai

Nuad Bo’Rarn (Traditional or Ancient Thailand Medical Massage) is a traditional form of body therapy that has been developed in the nation of Thailand (Ancient Siam). Historical references date this form of healing work as having originated approximately 2500 years ago with important influences from China and India.The Thai word ‘Nuad’ translates as massage, or (more accurately) as hands-on healing. The word ‘Bo’Rarn’ translates as ancient or antique.

Ancient Thai massage (Nuad Bo’Rarn) incorporates a system of rhythmic compressions to the client’s entire body utilizing the thumbs, palms of the hands, soles of the feet, elbows and knees of the practitioner. In addition, numerous stretches (range of motion techniques) are incorporated into the treatment. An essential of Ancient Thai massage is that it is practiced very slowly. It is the goal of the practitioner to work in a meditative state of mind and, while in this elevated state of consciousness, to impart this quality of mind to the recipient. During the session, the recipient remains completely clothed in loose fitting clothing. Ancient Thai Massage is utilized with the client in four positions: supine, prone, lateral recumbent, and seated.


Nuad Bo 'Rarn Traditional Thai

Submitted by Rick Gold in February, 2010

Core Criteria for AOBTA® Instructors

  1. In addition to having a clear understanding of all aspects of TCM theory required by the AOBTA, instructors of Nuad Bo’Rarn will be familiar with the Ayurvedic theory of Doshas and Elements. Also, instructors will know the names and trajectories of the 10 basic Sen energy pathways and key indications for their utilization.
  2. Clear knowledge of all of the Nuad Bo’Rarn hand, arm, foot and leg techniques. Instructors will be able to clearly instruct students in the safe and effective application of all the varied techniques that comprise Nuad Bo’Rarn.
  3. Assessment skills that lead to a safe and effective application of techniques. A thorough history is taken. Ability to choose procedures that best serve the client according to their signs and symptoms, health concerns and Doshic type. All specific contraindications to treatment are well-understood and followed.
  4. Application of all techniques utilizing safe and effective body mechanics,whether the work is being done on the floor or on a table. Application of all techniques while working in a state of concentrated mindfulness.
  5. Commitment to a personal program of self-development, including but not limited to: meditation, yoga, t’ai ch’i, qi gong, exercise, intellectual and emotional growth, healthy food choices, cross-cultural understanding and tolerance.

Nuad Bo 'Rarn Five Criteria PDF

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