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My Membership Account

Your Membership Account

How to access your account and renew or reactivate.


Most of the great features and benefits of membership are available to you in the "Members Only" pages of this website.

You must know your membership account username and password to access these features and benefits.

  • Use the "Member Sign In" box on each page to enter your username and password or to retrieve your forgotten password.
    • If you've forgotten your password and use the "Forgot your password?" function, an email will be sent to you with a link for resetting your password. Please check you spam/junk email folder if you don't see the password reset email in your inbox (the email will be sent to the email address you provided in your member profile).
    • If you've forgotten your username, please contact the national office at and ask for your username.

Special note: our association management system and website is routed through Amazon Web Services (AWS). Beyond our control is the fact that Safari and Explorer web browsers are prone to "glitchiness" when viewing sites routed through AWS. Members report this is especially true when signing in to the site and trying to access their account profile. Please consider using another browser such as Chrome or Firefox if you experience this issue.


 How do I renew my membership?
How do I reactivate my membership?
Thank you for being a member!

You have a few choices for renewing your membership.

  1. Log in to the website and easily renew your membership from your membership profile.
  2. Renew using the AOBTA® mobile app on your phone.
  3. Mail in your renewal invoice with a check (made out to AOBTA).
  4. Call and renew using a credit card over the phone (484.841.6023).
Welcome back to AOBTA®!

If your membership has been suspended, you can reactivate it by contacting AOBTA® and paying your membership dues by credit card or making arrangements to send a check (made payable to AOBTA).

If you still have your membership renewal invoice, you can send that in with your check (made payable to AOBTA).  |  484.841.6023


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