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Chi Nei Tsang an entire system of Chinese deep healing that makes use of the energy flow of the five major systems in the body: vascular, lymphatic, nervous, tendon/muscle, and acupuncture meridians. With this practice, one is able to increase the energy flow to specific organs through massaging a series of points in the navel area. Chi Nei Tsang frees the energy blockages in the navel and then guides the healing light energy into other parts of the body. Chi Nei Tsang was brought to America by Master Mantak Chia.

Chi Nei Tsang Long Definition

Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) is a Taoist system of abdominal massage that focuses on the navel center of the body. It is thought that the navel center is the primary area where imbalances occur. These imbalances may cause negative emotions, stress, tension congestion and ultimately illness. CNT techniques will enable energy blockages to be cleared within the abdominal area and the internal organs long before they are noticed in the periphery of the body.

Chi Nei Tsang incorporates the Taoist understanding of the meridian system of energy and adds a new dimension to the practitioner’s healing work. Practitioners use a variety of massage techniques to aid in increasing the energy flow within the internal organs, connective tissues, tendons, muscles and lymph, nerve and endocrine systems. These techniques provide a method to balance the energy by using visceral manipulations, thereby improving vital body functions. 


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