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Newsroom: Pulse Newsletter

Pulse Newsletter | August 2020

Monday, August 3, 2020   (0 Comments)
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30th Anniversary 

Mid-Year Update

A "state of the association" address from  

Deborah Valentine Smith, President

and Wayne Mylin, Managing Director 

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Conscious Practice Article
I’d like to acknowledge our kind hearts. I believe most of us practice Asian medicine to bring more healing, love, and light into our world. We truly want to heal our clients, ourselves and our society as a whole. Sometimes, though, our words can have a detrimental impact on our clients without us having any awareness of it.

Deitre and I came up with the initial idea for this seminar over a year ago, way before May 25th, 2020, the day of the tragic murder of George Floyd. Since then, I have been shocked and excited by the way a veil seems to be lifting for a huge number of people who couldn’t see before. The event on that day is an example of “bias-motivated violence,” according to the Anti-Defamation League. “Biased attitudes” (often invisible to us), unless examined and stopped, are what lead to actions, discrimination, and eventually murder and genocide.*

One of the main problems with biased attitudes is that we are often unaware of them...
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Conscious Practice L&L

Lunch & Learn Webinar  |  Wednesday, August 19th, 2020  |  12p-1p EST

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My Grandmother

As bodywork therapists, we have first-hand awareness of the wisdom Resmaa Menakem writes, that healing starts in the body. In My Grandmother’s Hands, he brings the conversation about race out of the head and into the body experience. He also points to the trauma that humans have experienced and inherited, that those traumas are impacting our cross-race relations, and the only way to change the culture of harm is to begin the path of healing ourselves first.

Not only is the reader of My Grandmother’s Hands invited to understand the body’s mechanisms that have perpetuated tension between white bodies, black bodies and police bodies, as Menakem calls them, but the book is written to engage in active participation along the way. Each chapter includes body practices that reveal the ways that our reflexes play a critical role in dynamics between members of each group, particularly when one feels unsafe...

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My Grandmother

This 2-month online course is facilitated by Kaira Jewel Lingo and Hai An. There are 9 racial affinity sanctuary group meetings and 2 community ceremonies. Each week includes recorded teachings and meditations, assigned chapters from the book, additional resources, and an online discussion.

The book addresses the effects of racism as physical trauma - for everyone. Helping to heal from such trauma is in the realm of bodywork, of course! If you sign up and are an AOBTA® member, please indicate such on the form as there is an effort to group AOBTA® members together for this course.

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Education Spotlight New CI
Meet Dr. Bernard Shannon, DTCM and DMQ (China), our latest AOBTA®-CI! His Certified Instructor interview was held over Zoom, and was the first done that way. We look forward to further engagement with Bernard and his International Medical Qigong College.
COSP Update
As the COVID-19 crisis has ravaged our nation, challenging our ability to practice or lead our normal lives, the AOBTA® has made a lot of effort to step up and offer support to our members. This has included outreach to all of our current Council of Schools and Programs (COSP) members. Schools and programs have been hit especially hard. In response, we have held Zoom conference calls for all of our COSP members. We have had a great turn-out, including multiple people from some of our larger schools. In our first meeting Cari Johnson Pelava, our COSP Director, and Steve Rogne, owner of Zen Shiatsu Chicago, co-chaired a very organized and concise presentation on the kinds of financial aid which had recently been made available for businesses. Although much of this information had been public and available elsewhere...
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AOBTA® Member Zoom Check-In
The monthly AOBTA Member Zoom Check-In will occur on Thursday, August 20th, 2020 from 12p to 1:30p EST. We'll discuss any current issues our members are facing, and may use breakout rooms to discuss some in-depth! We look forward to seeing you.
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Racial Justice


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the AOBTA created a Wellness Community of resources for self-care, practitioners and educators. Since launch, this set of resources has expanded greatly. We continue to update the pages, and encourage you to check back often for items that may be of help to you!

Most recently, we've added items related to the racial justice events and articles in this issue of the Pulse.

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Planning for the 2021 convention is in full swing and you are invited to join the fun! There are many ways to participate in the upcoming party - join the committee and find out how.

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