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And the Stars Shine On

Wednesday, July 1, 2020   (0 Comments)
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by Deborah Valentine Smith, AOBTA® President

Clearly, the experience is different for each of us, depending on what’s happening with the pandemic and the call for racial justice this week, in whichever part of the world we are. Yet, there’s something incredibly powerful about the very fact that these momentous happenings are global, not regional. We are all impacted and alerted and invested in the outcome. In the midst of the grief, heartbreak, fear and outrage I have been heartened by the creativity, compassion and inventive connections generated from this world-wide confrontation with a teeny tiny physical challenger and a gigantic spiritual one. I watch TV and often find myself in tears. I’m grieving for the lives and livings lost in both these catastrophes, I’m profoundly touched by the courage and kindness that have risen to meet them, and I am very often surprised and cheered by the innovations people are bringing to the challenge.

Virtual Get-Togethers. Recently I read “troubles and tyrants come and go, but the stars shine on.” In company with countless other pathways to healing and compassion, our work has “shone on.” It has helped humanity endure, if not transcend the catastrophes. Our ABT community is inspirational in the ways we have responded, innovated and reached out.

  • Let’s get together on the July 16 Member Meeting to give and get the support and stimulation we need to keep shining. We’re planning to include break-out groups in part of the meeting so we can share in smaller groups. “See” you there! Here’s the link to the calendar listing where you can register: Member Meeting.
  • Schools and Programs will be getting together at the COSP Meeting on July 9 - Here's the link to the calendar listing where you can register: COSP Meeting.

ABT and COVID. For more inspiration, take a look at Cindy Banker’s final article in her series on ABT and coronavirus in this Pulse. Did you know she is a Chinese language scholar? She has discovered some eye-opening information from her translation of an old medical text that points to manual therapy (that’s us!) as the best way to address certain stages of invasions like coronavirus. The article includes some additional info on how to apply ABT. You can also find her treatment protocol in the first installment of the series here.

Forums. Remember that member forums are available to discuss topics of interest with other colleagues. Cindy’s article would be a great topic. Contact me (, or our managing director, Wayne Mylin ( for help setting that up. Visit the AOBTA Forum.

Lunch & Learn. And speaking of inspiration, did you hear about the Lunch & Learn with Grandmother Winter Jade Forest in June? We had the highest enrollment ever and came away wanting more! Michael DeAgro will be presenting in July. And you can watch any of the past presentations in The Lunch & Learn Webinar Collection.

Wellness Resources Page. The page continues to grow with inspiring contributions from members on resources relating to racial justice and the pandemic. Look for sections on self-care, practitioners and educators - AOBTA Wellness Community.

All my best to you.

Deborah Valentine Smith, AOBTA® President

391 Wilmington Pike
Suite #3, Box 260
Glen Mills, PA 19342



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