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Newsroom: Pulse Newsletter

Pulse Newsletter | June 2020

Friday, May 29, 2020   (0 Comments)
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Remembering Our Vision

I’ve been re-visiting our mission and vision.

Our Vision: To support Eastern philosophical approaches to health and well-being by promoting Asian Bodywork Therapy.

Our Mission: To Provide our members with educational and networking opportunities and to support their personal and professional development and success.

Our philosophy survives. Our vision is about service. There has been speculation in the field that bodywork therapy practitioners and schools may not survive this global crisis. But Eastern traditions have survived thousands of years and many epidemics. Our philosophical foundation includes an array of delivery techniques, with bodywork being just one and our training includes much more than one-on-one touch. Millions of people who are “home alone” are trying to make sense of the impact on their personal lives and the world as a whole of this pandemic. They are looking for activities and mental approaches that they can do at home to help with sometimes crippling stress and anxiety. We have skills they can use. If we can adapt our delivery to the times, we can give people help and hope in the current crisis and valuable life tools for the future...

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Fight Damp Heat
It is important that Asian Bodywork Therapists (ABTs) be able to identify signs of an outside pathogenic factor which needs to be addressed. If the practitioner cannot treat the problem sufficiently, at least they need to be informed enough to understand that it exists. Often this presents contraindications for doing a standard full body Asian Bodywork Therapy treatment which might make the problem worse.   

Originally the reason I was writing this article right now in 2020 was for the primary benefit of ABTs, not because I thought we should consider COVID-19 to be something we will be treating once we are able to go outside again. But I think that some of the most recent thinking in the field of Chinese Medicine is actually of particular interest to us. And my research has opened new possibilities for how I am starting to think about this. If we can understand how our bodies are trying to fight off COVID-19, there may be many things that we can do to assist that effort. The sad truth is how virulent and varied this virus seems to be is affecting us all in ways we would never have imagined. It appears possible we will be continuing to struggle with it for a long time..
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Zen Shiatsu Hara
I didn’t start out practicing Zen Shiatsu. When I first began my studies, Zen Shiatsu wasn’t being taught yet in the United States. And I was skeptical. After all, why mess with a system that had been working successfully for 5,000 years?

But after my first workshop with Masunaga, I decided that the only way to test it out was to practice as if I were convinced of its value and efficacy, and see what happened — my own empirical study, so to speak. The effects of the treatments convinced me! The therapeutic results happened much faster, were much greater, and lasted longer. I was sold!

But that said, in my opinion, the best things about this system are: 1) it is geared specifically toward treatment by hands, and 2) that built right into it is an ever-increasing sensitivity, both of hands and heart. This development of the practitioner comes from the emphasis on a demanding procedure for hara diagnosis....
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Ethical Qi

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