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Newsroom: Pulse Newsletter

Pulse Newsletter | December 2019

Friday, December 6, 2019   (0 Comments)
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The 100 Year Anniversary of Shiatsu




Compiled and Presented by AOBTA® Director of Education,

Cindy Banker, MA., AOBTA®-CI, Dipl. ABT (NCCAOM)


2019 has been an interesting year for me in my own evolution. I attended my 50th high school reunion and now, as Director of Education for AOBTA®, I need to write an article explaining why this marks the 100th anniversary for the term Shiatsu. "Easy enough," I thought when I volunteered to do this — since I knew I already had the most pertinent information either posted on my own website or in the Long Definitions that the AOBTA® continues to hold from all of our various Forms. 


Having been the Founding (and only) President of the American Shiatsu Association, I have been privy to countless hours of discussion about the origins, history, and meaning of the word Shiatsu — in fact, most of it being discussed by the foremost experts and teachers of the subject as we pounded out a common identity for what eventually became the American Oriental Bodywork Therapy Association. Since then we have changed the name of our umbrella organization in order to eliminate the word Oriental all together, deeming it to be politically incorrect. I am reminded now, however, that I cannot write very much about the subject of how we came to recognize and know what Shiatsu is without being able to use the word Oriental in order to explain it. 


Originally the word Oriental was considered very politically correct because it embraced all the different practices whose representatives had come together to form one organization describing Oriental Medical Theory as its common base. We agreed that Traditional Chinese Medical Theory was what we were describing in terms of our 100 hours of common theory, and this continues to describe the root for all our work. However, we included work from many different countries who all had their own variations and evolution of how that manual therapy was understood and applied. Of these, many were not happy with referencing the work as “Chinese.” So instead, we all agreed to use the term “Oriental” in order to describe the general theory of our manual applications. These distinct practices had arrived here in the U.S. from several different countries in East Asia. Early on, Japan and Shiatsu were undoubtedly the most well-known and widespread among them. 


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Nazife Canitez, Student - AZ


Frank Harris, Student - AZ


Yu Long, Student - AZ


Jose Vargas, Student - AZ


Glenn Knowlton, Student - AZ


Jing Fan, CP - TX


Maria Arriola, Student - WI


Kimberley Trott, Student - WI


Barbara Piotrowski, CP - NJ


Grace Thomson, Student - AZ


Laurie Cruse, Student - WI


Aaron Lowe, Student - WI


Xiyuan Qiu, Student - AZ


Jahmi Arnold, Student - AZ

Ila Susan Brudner, Student - MA


Amanda Saeger, Student - WI


Adarsa Chakra, CP - ON, Canada


David Young, Student - AZ


Grace Justice, Student - VT


Gianna Gemma, Student - RI


Hayley Hall, Student - AZ


Tracie Robinson, Student - WI


Nicholas Kleespie, Student - AZ


Ronald Juarez, Student - AZ


Tom Chivers II, Student - AZ


Zhenni Jin, CP - TX


Leslee Browning, Student - NY


Elizabeth Araujo, Student - AZ





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Extraordinary Vessels, especially the Yin ones. They nourish our deep reservoir of our
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